Chapters eleven through fifteen of Their Eyes Were Watching God focus on Janie's relationship with Tea Cake. Considering Janie's newfound happiness with Tea Cake, post a comment that responds to one or more of the following questions. Remember to be specific in your response, and refer to the text to support your ideas.

1. How does Tea Cake fit into Janie's vision of the pear tree?
2. Do you think Tea Cake is a good partner for Janie?  Why or why not?
3. How is Tea Cake different from Joe?

As a follow-up posting, comment on the ideas in a classmate's posting, explaining why you agree or disagree with those ideas.

Reread the first three paragraphs of the novel. Hurston begins the book with an extended metaphor.  Explain this metaphor, and share your thoughts about how it will be important to the novel's meaning.  Then, comment on a classmate's interpretation 
Select one of the following prompts and answer it completely.  Then, write a question of your own that you think will help reveal something important about Blanche or Stella.  Finally, answer a classmate's question as a response.

1. Blanche has constructed an idealized self—an image of the person she thinks she ought to be. Blanche struggles to become that idealized self. She also rebels against her belief that she ought to become that self. What are the
characteristics of Blanche's idealized self? How does Blanche use clothing and other externals (perfume, for example, and the paper lantern) to induce others to perceive her as that self?

                                                                              - or -

2. Blanche is a guilt-ridden woman. In struggling with guilt, a person may seek relief by using love from another to counteract the self-hatred that rages inside; or a person may seek relief from guilt by self-purification, self-punishment, or self-nurturing.  Other strategies also exist. Why is Blanche tormented by guilt and how does she seek relief from guilt?